Accessory Freaks
Art You Can Wear

Hello and welcome to Accessory Freaks!

Accessory Freaks, is a UK based independent brand that designs and creates jewellery from acrylic. In January 2013 they expanded their brand and started a clothing section where they began to sell unique handmade sweatshirts and beanie hats.

Accessory Freaks was launched by the founder and owner Pam Sami in 2009 from the comfort of her living room, and has since gone from strength to strength. At present Accessory Freaks Is an online based company and does not yet have its own boutique, but this is the dream for the future. We are on the look out for stockists across the World.

Since launching, Accessory Freaks has attracted a lot of attention and have developed an amazing fan base across the World, who are very loyal and supportive.
Accessory Freaks creations have also been worn by various artists such as Snoop Dogg, Little Mix, Stooshe. Keri Hilson and Rye Rye.

Being an independent company our designs are not mass-produced so you won’t find everyone you know wearing the same accessories.
All the accessories are designed, made and finished by hand in the UK, and is something Accessory Freaks is very proud of. Perfection is the key; each piece is thoroughly checked before it is sent out. If it isn’t perfect, its simple, it just doesn’t get sent out.

Accessory Freaks creations are pieces of art that you can wear. The creations are quirky, bold and in your face, so to speak. It takes a very bold, confident individual to wear most of the designs we create.

Our motto here at Accessory Freaks is, ‘No one looks the same, so why dress the same? Be different and stand out from the crowd. Make a mark by being different and become an Accessory Freak!!!’.